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Music Section III: Global Part – total 8 1/2 Min.

Specific Music Cues, Choreographic Ideas and Emotional Phrasing

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Play Section III music

Part A:
Min. 0:00 – 3:15 Tabla Music

Min. 3:14 – 3:32 Transition into Part B: Tabla to thunder

Part B: Rain with music (Min. 3:32 – 4:58)

Part C: Panpipe music (Min. 5:35 – 8:18)

Min. 5:04 prelude with water
Min. 5.35 water drops out
Min. 5:45 first melody
Min. 6:18 flute drops out
Min. 6:35 reinitiates melody (2nd time)
Min. 7:05 interlude melody - guitars (no flutes)
Min. 7:25 Flute - new, high melody
Min. 7:39 high Flute drops out, lows tones come in
Min. 7:48 Melody comes back in (3rd time) just first part and starts the end


Possible transition from Section II to III: (no music)
Image: drought, lack of water, thirst…
In stillness, people wait – with a crescendo going into the high tension and longing – waiting for something to happen, looking upward

Ideas relate to the music;
the music has 3 parts: A, tabla drums; B rainy lament; C Panpipes from the Andes mountains

Part A: Tabla music (as of Min. 0:01)
dropping sounds to ongoing running….
(earthy – down on earth) – run off water in the earth
Raindrops to collecting into rivers to bay and into ocean
Individuals in vertical dimension

(As of Min 1:00):
Section: floor patterns and spatial groups
Straight pathways into zigzags
Weaving pathways, successive movement

(as of Min. 1:37)
Moving into running patterns–
Concentric circles, yin yang patterns, in and out, different types of active water: river rapids – gorges, waterfalls, large waves

Transition into Part B: Tabla to thunder (Min. 3:14 – 3:32)
(as of Min. 2:37) first slight decrescendo in Tabla player:
clouds, rain, storm or drought
desire for water…
the calm before the storm, waiting for water

(as of min. 3:10) Rain/water and storm sound

3:18 Thunder
storm (big Climate change – e.g. tsunami…)
Come together
Being tossed or being moved, being forced to move

As of 3:30 music slowly fades into the rain sound

Part B: Rain with music (Min. 3:32 – 4:58)
Lament - resolving itself - in coming (more) together
shock and grieving – holding one another (contact and support)
Air filled with water, humid – fog, laden with water
How we need to work together?, Recovering…regaining equilibrium
Finding our way into ready for action

Transition to Part C: music drops out – brief only water sound – slowly moves into prelude of 3rd music (some babble in background) - (as of Min. 4:59 – 5:34)
Regrouping: small groups grow a little larger

Part C: Panpipe music (Min. 5:35 – 8:18)
celebrate the importance of water in human life, full of life!
Transition town image – couples and small groups doing work tasks
Many activities going on at the same time:
Rhythmic section
Melody (occurs 3 times)
Lots of variation – different layers
working hard to care for our planet
Changing our behavior
Still serious and steadfast with lots of rhythm variations

Differentiation of music supported differentiated groups (different cultures)
Different groups doing different things changing roles – switching our roles amongst each other
Room for different dances coming through – echoing section II (local section) - Even hip hop can fit in
Ambassadors, exchanging and sharing tasks

Towards the End: (as of 7:05)
Coming together at end, but not necessarily doing the same
Image: one organism with lots of different parts
Like Gaia (the planet) or the Human body as one organism with water being the transport medium/ connector

Emotional phrasing
(For those of you that might prefer to know about some of the 'emotional phrasing' we imagined) - here it is:

Easygoing appreciation
Joy of life and nature
Energized aliveness
Bonding for comfort
Motivated to make a difference
Working together
Pleasure of being together
Satisfaction of achievement


If you are having trouble downloading the music file, the best solution is to try a different browser or change the default music player for your browser. Internet Explorer coupled with Quicktime seems to give you great difficulty in downloading the file. If you are still having trouble, ask some savy kid to help you.