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Fountain of Vondelpark

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The grass on the south side of the pond with the fountain of the Vondelparque


Amsterdam GWDThe Vondelparque (Vondel Park) in Amsterdam is the most unique spiritual park in the Netherlands. It is considered as an English garden and the so called backyard of every Amsterdam inhabitant. It is possible to have picnics and parties and all kind of celebrations in the summer. The ecological problem in the park is that the water level becomes lower every year. Therefore the trees are falling down to one side. Every year Amsterdam city council tries to solve this problem artificially.
On June 25th 2011, we came together to give thanks to this place, to celebrate life! We danced for the water in the Vondel Park, we danced like the fountain streaming up energetically. We danced for the water in the park!!!

The Choreographers

Veronique Janssen

The Music

We used the natural sounds of the Vondelparque and live music

The Performance


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The fountain of the Vondelparque pond is in the middle of the park!

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