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Ancram GWD

Water Locale

Ancram, New York

Audience Site

A beautiful, open yard area on the river above the waterfall. The photo shows that section of the river and the historic bridge over it, just above the waterfall. A troupe of 9 local dancers, were joined by out of town guests for the final, exhilarating performance.


The Roeliff Jansen Kill is the main body of water running through the hamlet of Ancram. The Ancram GWDriver has driven a variety of industries in town. During the Revolutionary War, it was an iron forge where they made the links that formed thechain that was strung across the Hudson to stop British ships. It now is used by a paper mill Schweitzer-Maudit, a Swiss company that makes cigarette paper. It employs about 130 people. We are connecting with them to find out how their use of the river affects the water. There is also a bio-diversity study being conducted in town as part of our comprehensive plan. One aspect of our mission is to educate farmers and weekenders in the area about the interconnectedness of our waterways, flowing among the town’s lakes, ponds and streams. The larger issue in New York State and around the country is hydro-fracturing.

The Choreographers

Joan Arnold, dancer, yoga instructor, writer, teacher of the Alexander Technique, director and owner of the Ancram Opera House.
Donna Barrett, belly dancer and teacher, choreographed the opening invocation.

The Music

In addition to using the commissioned GWD music, we assembled local musicians to play drums, vibraphone and flute, which sounded beautiful outdoors.

The Performance

We performed in our neighbor’s backyard, next to the river. 6 dancers performed the first section, 10 dancers performed the second and third. In the third section, they were joined by some guest dances. Three local musicians also participated.

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