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Ann Arbor GWD

Water Locale

Huron River

Audience Site

Gallup Park on Huron River

History of site and related water issues

History of site and related water issues: The Huron Watershed Council works to keep the Huron River clean. Here are some of their concerns which they face: “bacterial contamination, climate change, dams and impoundments, development, flooding, impaired water bodies, groundwater contamination, invasive species, non point source solution, soil erosion.”
The Huron River is of great importance in our Ann Arbor community, and we dance to bring attention to the water quality and to give thanks for our river.

The Choreographers

People Dancing:
Christina Sears-Etter was selected as Artistic Director in 1999, and has been integral to People Dancing’s past 10 seasons and recent new growth. With a dual mission of art and education, the company continues to serve in three capacities: concert performances, educational programs for all ages, and somatics and healing arts modalities. As a recipient of significant grants from State of Michigan, City of Ann Arbor, Monroe Community College Educational Foundation and ArtServe Michigan, we have been able to present dance and related arts to new audiences through programs such as “Dance Day,” “Dynamic Dancing Showcases” and collaborative programs. People Dancing choreography has been presented in showcases, concerts and conferences in New York City, (2011), Ann Arbor, Baltimore, Detroit metro, Minneapolis, Washington DC, and internationally in Italy and Poland. People Dancing has been lauded in the press as presenting a “dazzling display of the human form in motion” (Heritage papers, 2005) and as possessing a “satisfying physicality.” (Murray Louis, 1997). The dancers have been noted to grace the stage with “ethereal beauty”(Ann Arbor News, 2003) and to embody works that have an “offbeat, quirky theatricality,” (New York Times, 1992.)

Dancers For Life 2013:
Dancers for Life is an Improvisational Modern Dance Company, which performs in Michigan. It is studio based at Arts in Motion in Ann Arbor and lead by Shirley Axon and Nancy Heers, dance teachers for more than 25 years. The group is composed of dancers, but also an actress, environmentalist, poet, musician, photographer, Rolfer, and artists – thus adding to the richness of the dances. Recent performances are Ella Sharpe museum in Jackson, Center for Spiritual Growth, Ann Arbor City Club and River Days in Detroit. This will be the 2nd year of participation in Global Water Dances.


The Music

Ken Kozora has been exploring sound for over 35 years playing trumpet, bass, synthesizer, electronic percussion, wind synth, flutes, hand percussion and any other new noisemaker he happens to stumble upon. Ken has recorded and performed with a wide variety of local and renowned international artists, leads his own world / jazz quartet “KOZORA”, performs solo for special events and composes music for dance (People Dancing Co.) and various media.

The Performance

The performance took place at 4:00-5:00 pm on June 15, 2013, at Gallup Park on the Huron River. In addition to the Global Waters Dance, there was a dance performed by People Dancing and Dancers for Life.

Directions to site of the performance

From Washtenaw Avenue you turn north on Huron Parkway. You turn left on Fuller Road. You turn left into Gallup Park and parking is available. The entrance to Gallup Park is across from Huron High School.

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