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Athens GWD 

Water Locale

Voulas Camp

Audience Site

Voulas Camp

The Choreographers

Choregraphed by Maria Kolliopoulou (CMA)

Organized by Fenia Karkatzou, Despoina Lappa and Christina Banalopoulou (CMA)

GWD 2013 Athens 

History of site and related water issues

This beautiful green camp and golden beach were transformed into a lifeless concrete hotel. On June 15th, we danced for safe water, for clean sandy beaches open to the public, and for respecting our natural resources.

The Music

Nikos Touliatos – Athanasios Giannopoulos (Saki) – Christos Alatzidis

GWD 2013 Athens

The Performance

Having the camp’s entrance as their starting point, dancers shape different geometrical formations: an undefined mob is transformed into a circle and straight lines. A painter draws the dance on the street. Some bodies move in “waterish” free flow and light weight during their way to the sea. Others move in a quick and direct way. Once all volunters are on the beach having the warm sand underneeth their feet, they get to have the entire world as their dance partner and move the Global Water Dances pattern. At that point audience joins the dance!

Directions to site of the performance

Voulas camp – 200 meters away from TRAM’S starting point. Right next to PIKPA.

Poseidonos Avenue


Local website

Other resources and links
Newspaper article: Από τη Νέα Υόρκη στην Αθήνα το «Global Water Dances»

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