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Water Locale

Zizhu Bamboo Park

Audience Site

Zizhu Bamboo Park (Near to the Lake)


Beijing GWD
Zizhu Bamboo Park is located near the Beijing Dance Academy (BDA). Students and teachers can get to view the park from our dance studios. Therefore, this park brings special feelings to people who dance at BDA. The reason we chose this park as our performance site is that we hope to inspire more parks of this kind where we can enjoy the greenery, lakes and fresh air on the earth.

The Choreographers

Jia Ma, Huiwang Zhang, Wangbo Zhu, Hailong Luo, Taifeng Shi.

The Music

1. Guzheng “High Mountains and Flowing Waters” — It’s from Ming Dynasty. 2. “Bury the Heart” Composer: Chong Xiao

The Performance

We danced to cherish our precious fresh water.

Directions to Site Location

No. 35 Zhongguancun South street Haidian District Beijing, China

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