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Audience Location

In front of us

Date and Time

June 20, 2015 at 20th June 12:00am

Biyahe park

Water Locale

Beiyanhe Park


Zhu Wangbo
I am from China and I am a dancer. I have studied dance since I was 12 years old. Therefore, I have been learning dance for 14 years. The reasons I love dance so much are that it can bring me physical freedom and spiritual reflections.

History of Site and Related Water Issues

Water issues: Misuse of water


The first part of the music is quiet and soothing and the music that interact with the audience is lively and hopeful.

The Performance

70% of the earth surface is water. Meanwhile, the human body’s water content is 70%. Water plays an indispensable part in nature. Water resource is so precious that we should conserve water.
The GWD show was hold with Beijing middle school students. The show took place at the Jingshan Park near school. The park is located beside the Forbidden City, where the scenery is beautiful. Usually there are many visitors there so we decided to choose an open space in the garden to be the performing place.
I started the show with the students doing simple dance improvisations. Gradually students got involved in the dance further and more visitors entered. So I introduced our goal to those audience who were interested in the performance: using expressive body language that advocate water conservation, cherish water resources. The show was favoring. With time progressing, some viewers became enthusiastic. So the the final of the show became interactive. Everyone who were interested got involved in the dancing with the music, feeling their body in dance and music: feeling with the passage of time, the body’s thirst for water.


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