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Audience Location:

Main entrance of Rosalind Park/ The Piazza- corner of View St and Pall Mall

Date and Time:

June 24, 2017 at 6pm AEDT

Water Locale:

Bendigo Creek

Rosalind Park


Seven Turns Dance Collective Performance class students and Performance, Ballet and VetDance teacher Natalie Hannaford with creative support from Seven Turns Director Selena Cox-Walsh

History of Site and Related Water Issues:

The ‘Piazza’ opposite the historic Alexandra Fountain is positioned directly over the large drain system linked to the Bendigo Creek.
The Bendigo Creek has great Cultural, Environmental, and Historical significance.
The gold mining era had a serious environmental impact on the Bendigo Creek which was once teaming with wildlife such as Platypus before white settlement. Extensive engineering incorporating large drains was implemented to address the problem, which are still in place today.
The “Health of the Bendigo Creek” is an important current local water issue and some of the dance will focus on things people can do to improve it.
Local Government has just allocated $600,000 to the ‘Bendigo Creek Project’,The creek project – known as ‘Wanyarram Dhelk’ in the local Indigenous language, meaning “good waterhole” – is a collaboration with traditional owners from the Dja Dja Wurrung Aboriginal community and project officer Shane Anstee to improve the water quality of the Bendigo Creek.
The opening Ritual component of the Global Water Dance will be conducted by a member of the Dja Dja Wurrung Clans.


The local component of the dance will be performed to the music of Australian singer/songwriter Chet Faker “Talk is Cheap” from album ‘Built on Glass” 2014 Future Classic label.

The Performance:

8 young dancers from the Performance class will be performing, (one student is also studying VetDance).
As the performance will be in the early evening, the first part will be with a parachute lit with blue lighting to represent water. The costumes will also be reflective of water.
The dancers will use plastic bags to represent litter which is one of the things that affects the health of the Bendigo Creek.

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Environmental Impact:

This event will highlight the importance of the health of the Bendigo Creek, and create awareness of how individuals can make a difference by being conscious of how their actions can have a direct effect on it – both negative and positive.
Learning about the Cultural and Historical significance of this waterway from the Dja Dja Wurrung Clans and working together with them to look at ways we can improve the quality of the waterway and it’s surrounding environment can only have a positive impact on our community and future generations to come.

Directions to the Site of Performance:

The performance will be at the main entrance of Rosalind Park at the intersection of View St and Pall Mall (opposite the historic Alexandra fountain). This is the site where Marilyn Monroe statue was displayed last year.

Email for more information:

How can I get involved?

We need audience members to support the dancers during their performance as well as participating in the finale part of the dance, which is very simple to learn.
The more the merrier!

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