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Audience Location


Date and Time

June 20, 2015 at 5 PM

Water Locale:

The River Spree – Hauptbahnhof Berlin


We have a team of three choreographers, that work democratically together for creating the whole performance and some choreographers, that join us with their groups of dancers, students or pupils.
The main choreographers are Heike Kuhlmann, Sibylle Günther and Eva Blaschke, supported by Anja Schäplitz and Antja Kennedy.

History of Site and Related Water Issues

The Rahel-Hirsch-Ufer close to the central railroadstation of Berlin is a very central place in the city as whole and a crossing point of the watercanal, the Humboltharbour and the river Spree. It has the form of a natural Amphitheater with different buildings in the background, that have political and historical evidence like the “Kanzleramt”, the “Reichstag”, the Swiss ambassador and the TV-Tower. Therefore this site is very interesting.


The music is done by a collaboration of Henry Mex, a composer of site-specific geo-music, and Christoph Renner, the leader of the percussion group drum-kitchen. So we will have composed music for trumpets and live-music by drummers and in some scenes both at the same time.

The Performance

We work with professional dancers as well as students of dance and movement, with pupils of a local school and hopefully also with some handicapped dancers from a theater in Berlin. We plan to have up to 60 performers and around 20 drummers.
The main images and scenes from the performance we build on the material, we generated and created 2013 together with the dancers, were we had a whole story of the water with very different aspects that are crucial in a big city like Berlin from the recreational aspect to dirt and rubbish and the fight about water rights.

Directions to the Site of Performance

From the main railway station “Hauptbahnhof” you are heading South the Washingtonplace and cross it till the end of the place and there you see us at the waterside.


How can I get involved?

You can join the workshops and rehearsals and dance the performance with us.
You can help us with contacts of ecological interest like active groups or organizations around water.
You can support us being seen by the press or getting reviews in newspapers, TV or Radio.
You can support us on the day of performance building up the stage and you can support us financially.

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Other resources and links

We work together with the Studio Phynixtanzt and the association behind the Studio

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