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Audience Location:

Berlin Hauptbahnhof near to the River Spree

Date and Time:

June 24, 2017 at june 24 at 5pm CEST

Water Locale:

River Spree

Berlin, Spree river


Anja Schaplitz, dancer, choreographer, musician, trained at Trinity Laban, London. Anja has worked as a performer and singer in a variety of different music and dance productions all over Europe for more than twenty years. She is facilita- tor and choreographer for numerous community arts projects, predominantly dance projects for children and young adults from disadvantaged back- grounds. In 2013 she joined the the Global Water Dance Performance – Kollektiv Berlin as a performer and choreographer ( She is founding member of the non-profit organisation Tanz & Theater in the PHY- NIX e.V. (
Heike Kuhlmann, dancer, choreografer, somatic movement educator and therapist ( SME/SMT) is part of the Global Water Dances Performance collective Berlin since its foundation in 2010. Heike holds a MA in Choreography/ Performance studies and a Diplome in Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy. She is interested in working with somatics in creating choreography as well as finding expression of political content in performance. In 2014 she created the Solo performance P.L.A.S.T.I.N.U.R.K. and the sidespecific work: “X-change – a performative demonstration about fair and unfair market”. She teaches Contact Improvisation combined with somatic movement education and dance internationally at Contact festivals e.g. in Brasil, Romania, Finnland, Malaysia, Japan.more information:
Sibylle Günther, dancer, choreographer and lecturer for dance. Since 2010, she has been part of the Global Water Dances Berlin team. Her many years of experience in modern dance, contemporary dance, dance theater and performance art – from soli to ensemble productions, from conventional stage to film up to stage-independent space, from pure dance as well as in cooperation with artists from acting through music to the visual and media arts (Manakùna, Undine, Egodocuments, Joyfull Choices, Science meets dance, science meets science). With the Global Water Dances Performances Kollektiv Berlin she worked the performances “Liquid Spaces” and “Liquid Spaces II”. Through workshops and regular workshops, they communicate their knowledge to different ages and levels. Since 2015 she has headed the studio “PHYNIXtanzt.”

History of Site and Related Water Issues:

Berlin is a “Water City”, with the Spree and the Havel as the main rivers. The huge and complex canal system gave Berlin the nick name: “Little Venice”. The performance site is perfectly situated between Berlin main station and the river Spree. Here we are able to draw a large crowd of performance spectators as well as hundreds of passers by, tourists, families on their day out etc. The site which is the new urban centre of the city after re-unifation is surrounded by various significant characters and buildings of Berlin: the government district, the river Spree that had it’s course altered in order to build the main train station, the river Spree also stand for the former border between East and West Berlin


Gisbert Schürig is a composer, improviser and performer, working with music software, guitar, overtone singing and throat singing. He has studied with composers Klarenz Barlow (Musikhochschule zu Köln) and Bojidar Dimov, learned about african polyrhythm from Anita Daulne (ZAP MAMA) and Group Ndima (Kongo).
His works include music for theatre, indonesian shadow puppet plays, dance and interdisciplinary performances. Currently he is residing in Berlin, collaborating with performer Jennie Zimmermann using the label Phyla. Gisbert Schürig will contribute music that is inspired by the repetitive structures of minimal music as well as central african musical traditions – without striving for an ‘ethnic’ or ‘tribal’ flavour, but utilizing underlying structures of musical communication: improvisational spontaneity, interplay and rhythmic energy are important features of a music that is diverse and complex while also focused and accesible.

Environmental Impact:

With the performance we are creating awareness about water as the essential resource to live. In the performance we are creating images to show that the abundance of water we have in Germany is not applicable to the rest of the world. In many countries drinking water is not accessible, dirty water causes illnesses, private waters are causing wars, etc.
We cooperate with different ecological and political associations in order to inform people and support local action for accessible and clean water. Getting informations about the situation in different countries of the global south helps to understand the necessity of action for water as well as through the tangible performance.

Directions to the Site of Performance:

From the main railway station of Berlin you head south, go 500 m over the Washington Square to the Riverside on Rahel-Hirsch-Ufer and you are there. You see the Reichstag, the Kanzleramt and the Funkturm on the other side!

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Rehearsals will be
13.05.2017 12-18h PHYNIXtanzt
14.05.2017 10-16h Mime-Centrum
21.05.2017 10-17h PHYNIXtanzt
Rehearsals on site:
10.06.2017 10-18h
11.06.2017 10-18h
17.06.2017 10-18h
18.06.2017 10-18h
24.06.2017 10-14h
24.06.2017 – 14h Dress rehearsal
24.06.2017 – 17h
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