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Water Locale

Rio Negro

The Choreographers

Vannia Ibarguen, Luisa Luna, and Hector Aterciopelados of CantoAlAgua

Audience Site

Parque El Virrey

Time of day for performance


History of site and related water issues

The state of health of the four main rivers running through Bogota -the Torca River and Salitre River to the north, Fucha River in the center and Tunjuelo River to the south- has been determined objectively through the use of sensors and other field measuring equipment used to explore the river banks. According to researcher Manuel Rodríguez, these waters were found to be of excellent quality at their sources, but their condition deteriorates upon entering the city, and they are almost wastewater by the time they flow into the Bogota River. Cantoalagua believes that with harmonious chants, dances and arts we can convert water into a good state. The Virrey waterbed is one of the points where many people transit and we think the impact of this initiative will be stronger.

The Music

Cantoalagua and Andean musicians

The Performance

Cantoalagua collective and dancers

How can I get involved?

We need volunteers:

  • Videographers
  • Dancers for the global dance
  • Contacts with other not-for-profit organizations
  • and spread the word!!!

Directions to site of the performance

Parque El Virrey- Bogota

Local website


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