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Audience Location

The National Park/ El Parque Nacional

Date and Time

June 20, 2015 at 12:00 am

Bogota 2015 GWD

Water Locale

Río Arzobispo


I feel it was a very beautiful and important day, once again we had the opportunity to express what we feel about water though our art, planting a seed in those who participated in one way or another.
Browse the river, feel it, see it, was getting out of the daily routine and allowing a moment of silence and connection. That reminded us that water is part of life, and is such an important part that we can not live without it. Singing to the river was another wonderful moment of connection. The participation of children made our dance are more dynamic and gets all involved regardless of their age

~ Luisa Luna García, GWD Bogota 2015 Choreographer

Dancer and choreographer in continuous research of Gypsy and Ethno-contemporary Dance. Her creative work takes elements of world dance, dance theater and contemporary dance to propose an alternative that explores consciousness in the body and movement. Her approach looks for a connection of women with themselves and other women, allowing to explore an imaginative and creative vision on the personal and the collective.
Luisa has learned dance from national and international teachers, like Florence Pageault (France) in World Gypsy Dances. In 2013, she traveled to Argentina where she studied with the teacher Miriam Peretz of Israel and Leia Rozas (Chile). In 2015 he traveled back to Argentina to study with Master Simona Jovic (Serbia). She has studied with Amira Rabendo (Argentina), Jimena Quintanilla, Martha Ruiz (Colombia), among others. She has taken classes and workshops in Danza Comun Contemporary Dance Foundation and has participated in workshops with teachers as Alvaro Fuentes (Colombia), Nejla Yaktin (Germany), Vannia Ibarguen (Peru), among others.
She is currently the Director of Dhara Danza, a space for learning, experimentation and creation from dances of different world traditions. She is the Artistic Director of the Association ROMALE Gypsy Dances and has been the choreographer for Global Water Dances Bogotá. She is co-director of Encuentros Cuerpo Arte (Galeria Viva).
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History of Site and Related Water Issues

The Arzobispo’s River before was named Neuque River, because that was the name of the Muisca’s Chief, who was also the water guardian. This river begins in the the National Park’s mountain. It source is pure and clean, but when it arrives to the city, it gets dirty. Furthermore, it shows other types of issues, like the way of homeless people use the river. And finally, in sometimes, the weather is too dry,so it is no water in the river.


Alive Music. Musician Director: Pedro Crump

The Performance

Women with and without experience in dance. The students of the Aqueduct´s school, “Ramon B. Jimeno”.
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1. Videographers.
2.Dancers for the global dance.
3. Contacts with other not-for-profit organizations and spread the word.

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