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Audience Location:

Canal el Cedro Calle 153 con cra 9

Date and Time:

June 24, 2017 at 10:00am

Water Locale:

Canal el Cedro

Canal El Cedro


Luisa Luna García
am a dancer and a choreographer in continuous research of Gypsy and Ethno-contemporary dances. My creative work, takes elements of dances from the world; Tanztheater (“dance theatre”) and contemporary dance, in order to raise an alternative that explores the movement and body conscience. In addition, I look for the connection of the women with herself and with the others. Because it allows to explore from the imaginative and creative perspective in the personal and the collective way.

Actually, I am the director of Dhara Danza, a place in where you can learn and create, from different traditions of the world. On the other hand, I am also participating in Global Water Dances Bogotá (GWD) project, as the Artistic Director and I am co-director of “Cuerpo Arte – Galería Viva”

History of Site and Related Water Issues:

El Canal el Cedro is located to the north of the city, the birth of this creek is located in the eastern hills, it crosses the 153th street and ends in the wetland torca. At present the ravine is contaminated, has a bad odor and has a presence of animals such as rats and mosquitoes that affect the community.

For this reason, neighbors of the sector joined and formed the environmental table cedar canal and carry out activities of environmental education with the support of the District, universities, schools and neighbors.


We use music from the faram ensemble, Persian instrumental music and the music of global water dance

The Performance:

On this occasion some women interested in dancing to the water with the intention of their recovery joined, apart from the environmental activities in our dance we see the energetic intention from the decrees and poetic actions towards the river.

In addition they will join children who also seek to send positive messages to the water and people, through dance.


Environmental Impact:

With our dance we seek to transmit a message of care to the water towards people and the river, just as we have contaminated and indifferent to this situation, we want to awaken in people the love of water, to recognize its importance and to recover the channel that Is part of the community.

We will also have the support of Usaquén’s communal action board and the cedar environmental committee, who will carry out environmental activities, as well as the intervention of artistic groups

Directions to the Site of Performance:

To get to the canal the cedar, you must take the race ninth to the north to 153, there is a park where they will perform the dance and other environmental activities.

Email for more information:

How can I get involved?

The activities are open to the community, within the dances there is a part that is participative and all the people can dance, in addition we will have more environmental activities that integrate the community and a picinic by the water.

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