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GWD 2013 Boulder Creek  GWD 2013 Boulder Creek

Water Locale

Boulder Creek

The Choreographers

Ixeeya Beacher

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Audience Site

Boulder Creek at Public Library/ Arapahoe side

Boulder GWD

History of site and related water issues

The Boulder Creek carries the water down from the mountains to the people in the towns below, then out to the prairie. The Creek is a source of life force, refreshment, cooling, play, and nourishment. This creek nourishes our community in so many ways. When the Boulder Creek is low it offers a community wake up call. When the waters are low here in Colorado, fire is likely to come burn. The wild fires here are a big threat to many people and their homes. As we know the fire has her gifts and nourishment to the land; we also need our water to balance and put out the fires. Consciousness around water usage and treating our water source with respect and awareness to keep our water in balance is an ongoing prayer for our community.

The Music

We had live drumming and Didgeredoo.

The Performance

10 am: We began gathering at 10am with singing and drumming and gathering the people.

10:30: Community Circle offered a talk on water, what were about to do and instructions to participate in the ritual.

11: We began with ritual and moved into the community participation. As this continued, the lead dancers will began a shamanic embodiment of the water, inviting all the people to join in to dance as the spirit of water.

  • Moving into the long chain that passes water to each other, as an embodiment of the cooperation that is needed to tend to our waters at this time.
  • Gratitude embodiments of water
  • Closing with offering words of our prayer into the water vocally for the waters to merge with.
  • Closing with a community OM into the Waters

Directions to site of the performance

Down Town Boulder. Go to the Boulder public Library between 9th and 10th on the Arapahoe side. There is a landing by the water’s end right along the bike path and the big lawn in front of the library.

Local website

Other resources and links

Boulder Rise Up Facebook Page – will be a public group offering info for rising up with the Global Water Dances for June 15!

Join us there!

Boulder GWD


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