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Audience Location

The audience will be around

Date and Time

June 20, 2015 at 12.00 o´clock at noon

Water Locale

Lake constance, Bregenz, in front of the Festspielhaus Bregenz
Bregenz GWD 2015


The Choreographer for the part 1 and 2 is Anne Thaeter. That´s me. I do also the rehearsals with the amateur dancers part 3 and 4. She works together with the professional photographers Markus Mosman,(Austira, Bregenz) he will do the photograps on 20, July. The video will creat Caro Stark (stage desinger and video artist (Österreich, Bregenz).
Since 4 weeks I´m working with a group of semi professionals on part 1 and 2. Together with Andieh Merk ther musician. We are all together in a really good creative process.

History of Site and Related Water Issues

Bodensee or lake constance or Lac de Constance or Lago di Constance Germany´s largest lake with three countries around the lake. Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Many years ago, the Rhine glacier has created the lake. The Rhine is Germanys largest river and flows through the lake of Constance from the east to the west. It is not really sure, where is the border on the lake is. So all the three countries have the majestic rihts on the lake. The Alpine Rhine flows in near Bregenz (A) and the High Rhine flows out near Stein am Rhein (Ch).You see, there is a lot of water in this area. Another 200 rivers and streams flow in the lake of constance. The lake provides drinking water until to the northern border of Baden-Württemberg. We call this people friendly “die schwaben” I think this border is 200 km from the lake. Four million people drink or consume the lakewater and have so much fun in, out, with… this water. It´s really a present to live here.


For part 1 and 2 we work together with the professional musicain Andieh Merk from Germany.

The Performance

TBA All the things are in process. 🙂

Directions to the Site of Performance

We are at a public place.


How can I get involved?

For part 3 and 4 you can contact us under or 0043-69911110682 🙂

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