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“All the dancers were happy to participate; especially the group from “impuls”, they were really into the water theme […]. This was their first performance together – and it really helped them to come together as a group.” Choreographer, Bremen

Water Locale

Weser River

Audience Site

City Center of Bremen “Schlachte”, near the pedestrian bridge “Teehofbrücke”.

Bremen GWD


The “Schlachte” was one of the first ports in Bremen in the early 1300’s

Bremen GWD


The Choreographers

Antja GWD
Antja Kennedy (director) and team:
– Sabine Bünger
– Nicole Kuhlmann
– Katharina Reif
– Petra Siekermann
Antja Kennedy is a freelance dancer, choreographer, dance pedagogue and Certified Movement Analyst. She was founder of the Tanzfabrik (dance factory) Berlin and worked Amjethere for 10 years as dancer, pedagogue, choreographer and organizer. She was a founder of the European Association for Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies (EUROLAB) and was part of the executive committee for 10 years. Since 1995, Antja has directed the Certificate Program for Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies in Germany ( In 2003, she was a guest professor at the University of Hamburg. She has been a teacher at impuls, Bremen for body work (Bartenieff Fundamentals) and dance improvisation since 2000. She has been choreographing dance pieces for groups for Tanzfabrik Berlin, EUROLAB and impuls, Bremen for over 15 years, with regular appearances since 2004 in different Solos for impuls: as part of the festival “Tanz Bremen”, for the opening of the community college (vhs) for different Art Shows and in the Academy of Arts, Berlin. Antja’s book “Bewgetes Wissen” (moving knowledge) was published in Sept 2010 in Berlin. Her qualifications include a 1985 Certificate in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies in Seattle, USA; 1990 Bachelor in Dance, Empire State College, New York; 2003 Certificate in “Movement Pattern Analysis”; and 2007 Certificate “Masters in Movement and Bodywork” from Gaia Action Learning Academy, Germany.

The Music

Bremen GWD
The Local part was mainly from German composers or groups who have made music in relationship to the water theme:
Bo Flower, “Viva con Agua”;
Chicks on Speed, “Kaltes Klares Wasser”;
Klaus Badel, “Pirats of the Caribean”;
Michael Rodach, “Musik für Fische”
Sarah Connor, “Cold as Ice”;
Wortfront, “Es regnet”.
There was also African musician, Dramane Daho, playing live on the water drum for the African dance

The Performance

The dance was performed by three different groups from Bremen. One group was in the training program from our main cooperation partner “impuls” called FS 12, since it is the 12th Group in the training to become dance teachers and movement therapists. The second group was from the tanzwerk studio – dance groups who dance with Katharina Reif. The third group was “Roas” a cheerleading group from Bremen–Lesum.

Ritual Part: This part was based on the Dimensional Scale from Rudolf Laban – all dancers went all over the area – i.e. not only on the pathway but also on the dock.

Local Part: Five different choreographers made individual dances with the water theme in mind with three different groups. These were in different styles: Afro dance, Modern Dance, Hip Hop, Dance improvisation and Cheerleading. The music was also in these styles, but all music related to the water theme.

Global Part: Dancers from different backgrounds who did not know each other danced this part together. The dance was trying to stay true to the motif which had been made of the section.

Audience Participation part:This phrase was taught to the audience beforehand and we had then some dancers in the audience help us get it going. We did it in synchrony towards each other.

Directions to Site Location

bremen mapOn googlemaps you see the “Schlachte” on the north-east bank of the Weser River next to the small bridge called “Teerhofbrücke”

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