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Date and Time:

June 24, 2017

Water Locale:

St. Luke’s Swimming Pool. Brighton



Rosario Gracia, PhD specialises in dance and movement informed by celebratory dances around the world, especially from Brazil, Cuba, Spain and India. She directs, devises and performs at site specific shows and has extensive experience in Arts and Health projects. She is a teacher, choreographer and performer with experience working with people of all ages (5 – 98) and abilities (professional dancers; higher, further and adult education; hospitals; residential homes; community groups; gyms and special needs).
She is also a University lecturer, Researcher and Projects Manager.

Nigel Sayers
Nigel’s Synchro Fitness is a fun, fitness and energising synchronised swimming classes, come and learn some basic synchro moves to music, your never to old to join in.


Global Water Dances music by Nicolas Soto

The Performance:

Brighton entry to Global Water Dances 2017 by Nigel Sayers and Rosaria Gracia
A collaboration between Dance_Project Management_Research with Nigel’s Synchro Fitness and Maracatu Cruzeiro do Sul dance troupe

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