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History of site and related water issues

The Nile is the longest river in the world. It flows northward beginning in several different African countries, coming together and then finally moving through Egypt and emptying into the Mediterranean. Egypt’s almost 79 million people live on less than 10% of its land, .the portion along the Nile. It is a very ancient river with a long history. Water from the Nile is used as drinking water, to irrigate farm lands as well as a means of transport through Egypt. Feluccas (sail boats) are still used as a means of transport as well as a popular touristic outing

The choreographers

Leslie Zehr began performing in theatre production at the age of six with the encouragement of her mother who is and actress and director. Through her childhood and teen years she studied tap, jazz, ballet, voice and was also a competitive ice skater. She continued performing on stage until the age of 21 at which time her attention then turned towards health and healing. She attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute where she studied Biochemistry and Psychology.
In 1986 she left western culture and immigrated to Egypt where she has resided ever since. Her main work is with The Universal Dancer which incorporates Sacred Dance and esoteric wisdom which she teaches both in Egypt and abroad.
Leslie is the author of The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer. Through the Dance she teaches esoteric wisdom as well as empowering women by reconnecting them to the Divine Feminine within. Leslie is a story teller though the medium of Dance. The Dances are both healing and transformational. She retells the archetypal stories using music, primordial energies, sacred geometry, wave motion and vibration. Taking us back through time to the essence of our being, initiating and unlocking the esoteric knowledge buried deep within our psyche.

The performance

The original piece we will perform is entitled ‘Nun’ (pronounced ‘noon’). ‘Nun’ is the primordial waters in the ancient Egyptian creation story. The Dance came to me fully formed as a vision, a moving Mandala, a drop of water. This happened in February during our revolution here in Egypt, a very creative time.

As a teacher of sacred dance I work with energy or the inner world more than being an ‘environmentalist’ or working with the external world, therefore I was not really clear at first what my role in this event was. Then on March 30th Dr. Emoto (Messages of Water) called for a global prayer to heal the radioactive waters around Japan. I then understood the significance of this Dance, Nun. It is about healing water on the energetic/quantum level, the new pollutant we are facing. The Dance was the prayer that I did on March 30th for the waters of Japan. And now each time I do the Dance I do it with the intention of healing the waters on this planet.

I work with water a lot as a Homeopath and the creator of the Egyptian Flower Remedies. Water has the unique ability to shift its matrix, which is why it is used as the medium for energetic substance. Because of this quality it is possible to shift the matrix of the water using vibration, intention, prayer or movement. In this Dance we use intention, love and primordial wave movement to shift and recalibrate the matrix of the water to its pure primordial state, full of potential.

In this Dance we have the opportunity to bring together movement, healing, love, joy and the potential for everything as we come together, with a sense of community, for a common goal, the healing of the earth’s waters.

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