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GWD 2013 Cairo   GWD 2013 Cairo   GWD 2013 Cairo

Cairo GWD

Water Locale

The Nile

The Choreographers

Leslie Zehr (Producer/Director): Leslie began performing in theatre production at the age of six with the encouragement of her mother who is an actress and director. Through her childhood and teen years she studied tap, jazz, ballet, voice and was also a competitive ice skater. She continued performing on stage until the age of 21 at which time her attention then turned towards health and healing. She attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute where she studied Biochemistry and Psychology. In 1986 Leslie left western culture and immigrated to Egypt where she has resided ever since. Her main work is with The Universal Dancer which incorporates Sacred Dance and esoteric wisdom which she teaches both in Egypt and abroad. Leslie is the author of The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer.

Audience Site

Sakia El Sawy Culture Wheel

Time of day for performance

Doors open at 5:00pm

History of site and related water issues

The Nile is the longest river in the world. It flows northward beginning in several different African countries, coming together and then finally moving through Egypt and emptying into the Mediterranean. Egypt’s almost 79 million people live on less than 10% of its land, the portion along the Nile. It is a very ancient river with a long history. Water from the Nile is used as drinking water, to irrigate farm lands as well as a means of transport through Egypt. Feluccas (sail boats) are still used as a means of transport as well as a popular touristic outing.

The Music

‘Return to the Nile’ by Tamara Yousry
‘Ancient Battle’ by Mohammed Issa
‘H2O’ and ‘Batn ElZer’ by Oscarisma
‘Red Pepper’ by Psyspirit

The Performance

The Cairo Event took place at Sakia El Sawy Culture Wheel in Zamalek-Cairo. Doors opened to the audience at 5:00pm. Several original songs, dances and poems by local artists were performed, with participants ranging from ages 6 to almost 60.

The Opening Ceremony consisted of crystal bowls donated to Egypt by Circle of Sound and local drummers. Local band Oscarisma performed two original pieces, ‘H2O’ and ‘Batn ElZer’. Coach Elgohary and his students did a Tai Chi Water Dance. Author and playwright Chris Aziz performed an original poem for this event entitled ‘I AM WATER’ with Maryam Massoud and accompanied by Mohammed Abu Zid on the Oud. Songwriter Tamara Yousry performed her original song ‘Return to the Nile’. Choreographer and yoga teacher Noha Sayedalahl performed an original dance piece ‘Rise, Fall, Evolve’ with original music by Psyspirit. Mohammed Issa and Sherif Samir, two engineering students with a love of music, performed their original song ‘Ancient Battle’.

The Global Piece choreographed by Global Water Dances and interpreted by Leslie Zehr was danced by Dina Nouayem, Injy Manga, Amr Hafez, Maryam Massoud, Annemarie Veltman and Nada Jan. The piece included original costumes by local, German born, artist Cosima Lukashevich.

We wish to thank our sponsors Sakia El Sawy Culture Wheel and the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany-Cairo for their support.

Directions to site of the performance

Sakia El Sawy Culture Wheel
End of 26th of July Street, Zamalek Zamalek-Cairo, Egypt 11341



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