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Audience Location:

Marquez Community – Callao

Date and Time:

May 27, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Water Locale:

Chillon river



Ursula Carrascal Vizarreta is a Peruvian choreographer based in Lima. She is currently the Director of Minaq Ecodanza, a cultural association working in creating environmental conscious trough dance, videodance and visual arts.

History of Site and Related Water Issues:

The Márquez human settlement is located at the mouth of the Chillón river. This community receives tons of garbage that comes from the districts of Carabayllo, Puente Piedra, Comas, San Martin de Porres, Comas and Callao. Currently the Marquez beach, where the Chillón River ends, has received an incredible amount of waste as a result of the floods suffered during the summer of 2017, due to the climate change that is affecting Peru.

About 3 kilometers of beach have been affected by the presence of solid waste harming not only the people of Márquez but also the fragile coastal marine ecosystem of the area. About 200 meters offshore, it has literally been replaced by rubbish.


Our proposal is divided into 3 choreographies:
1. Ritual dance: Women of the river. Music: The Consecration. After the Storm.
2. Local dance: Agua.Música: Save the Water. After the Storm.
3. Global dance: Music. Nicolás Soto.

The Performance:

The Global Water Dance Callao was held last May 27 as part of the Eco Festival Márquez 2017, an event created to raise awareness, educate and promote community participation on the conservation and protection of the Chillón River and its impact on the beach of Márquez.

The presentation was made based on the Chillón videodanza the river that dance, inspired by the protective warriors of the Chillón river. That is why the proposal is inspired by a group of women (5) who come to call attention after years of being hidden in the huaca de Márquez. The first ritual dance: Women of the river is the voice of our river, to then give way to the local dance of healing: Water.

The third dance, the global dance, was held on Tuesday, May 30 at the mouth of the Chillón river. On that occasion the warriors (3) show the darker and cruel side of dehumanization. An adaptation of the global proposal lasts, but necessary to denounce globally what it has been generating: the other side of climate change.

[soliloquy id=”8312″]

Environmental Impact:

Minaq Ecodanza works from the perspective of community cultural management. To this end, it was decided to work with teachers and leaders of the community, who were summoned in the context of the Eco Festival Marquez 2017 which brought together about 150 people, many of them children who were sensitized about how the trash hits the river Gaudy. To this end, in addition to the special work dance for the Global Water Dance, we worked the dance theater the river that Dance, inspired by the videodanza of the same name. This work was carried out as part of the course Cultural Community Management with Free Software that allowed to involve about 8 educational, environmental and cultural organizations such as CETPRO Márquez, Our Lady of the Mercedes School, Nomads, Validarte, Colectivo Arte Sano, After the Storm, Life – Institute for Environmental Protection.

Directions to the Site of Performance:

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How can I get involved?

The video of our performance will be announced this 24th June. We would love if you could share it trough your social media.

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