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Water Locale

Celtic Sea

The Choreographers

Zosia Dowmunt

Audience Site

Milford Haven Port

Time of Performance

11am, and then again at 12.  AND on 23rd of June at 10.30am.

History of site and related water issues

This is a major port for fuel and business for the UK. It is a very coastal region and water is at the center of the community in many ways. The port supports the region through the business it attracts and the community funding raised. We are keen as a dance community to raise awareness of global water issues and use our annual dance festival to offer a platform for this exciting global event. The festival will also take place at the port.

Local water quality organizations have worked hard to manage water quality and conservation efforts. Through hard work local rivers in Wales have been seen the return of otters, salmon and significantly improved water quality. These efforts have been great, but we should all still keep working to conserve water and improve water quality. Simple efforts at home can help this community conserve its water.

The Performance

Combination of 3 flashmob performances in Pembrokshrie and Carmarthenshire.

Directions to site of the performance

Milford Haven Port is located in Milford Haven which can be accessed by the A40, heading west from the M4.


Local website

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