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Audience Location:

Bay View, Cataño

Date and Time:

June 24, 2017 at 4:00pm

Water Locale:

Bay View

Bay View.


Linelly Olmeda Santos is a Puerto Rican dancer, choreographer, dance educator and advocate as well as a dance/movement therapist and counselor. She grew up at Puerto Rico and started dancing at Academia Iveth Mejías, now Beyond Dance Studio at Toa Baja, PR. She began classes at the University of Puerto Rico and finished her BA in Dance Performance and Choreography with a minor in Psychology from Hope College in Holland, MI in December 2012. In June 2015 she completed her MA in Dance/movement Therapy and Counseling from Drexel University. Some of Linelly’s professors include: Militza Arzola, Solimar Arzola, Carla Curet, Petra Bravo Hernández, Viveca Vazquez, Steven Iannancone, Matthew Farmer, Crystal Frazier, Mary Linda Graham, Alicia Díaz and others.
Linelly believes that dance can be used to bring awareness of social and environmental problems as well as build community and provide solutions in an experiential way.

History of Site and Related Water Issues:

Cataño is a water front municipality from Puerto Rico right across from Old San Juan. There are numerous communities in this area as well as factories and restaurants and the water in the area has been reported to be contaminated multiple times. Around the whole island we have an issue of too much trash, especially in and close to bodies of water. Cataño already began a recycling program and multiple organizations continue to advocate and educate about the problem of contamination that we have in our rivers and beaches, but a lot of education still needs to happen in our communities.


Local musicians will be collaborating and composing the music that will be used in the first two sections of the dance. It will be recorded for the day of the performance.

The Performance:

The performance will be the closure of a cleaning event of the area. It will have approximately 7 dancers from Beyond Dance Studio, plus staff from the Municipal office that will join in the third part. The dance is planned more as a flash mob, where not everyone participating in the cleaning activity knows about the dance. We will be wearing blue T-shirts during the whole event to be able to be easily identified.

Environmental Impact:

During the cleaning event we will be dividing the trash into recyclable materials to use the activity as an opportunity to actively recycle and educate about recycling. We are planning to provide Boxed Water as an alternative to plastic bottled water. We are also planning to develop a workshop in collaboration with local organizations to do a summer workshop next year where we integrate the arts to educate about reusing and recycling and changes that we can locally make and produce the piece from that experience.

Email for more information:

How can I get involved?

Help us by being there and participating that day!
Donations: We need bags for trash preferebaly biodegradable, gloves for picking up trash, Water bottles (preferably Boxed Water)
Taking and sharing videos and pictures of the activity!
Dancing in it!

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