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Water Locale

Atlantic Ocean

Audience Site

Performance took place in the capital city of Conakry.


This is the site of the relocation of the village of Tshalbonto, from across the Rio Nunez at its mouth at the Atlantic Ocean. The rising ocean is inundating the village of Tshalbonto, and the government has given them vacant land at the edge of the neighboring large town, Kamsar. Villagers are moving reluctantly, and slowly, as they have no government help to build their new houses, while they lament the loss of their ancient village.

The Choreographers

Mouctar Bangoura
Conakry GWD

The Music

A blend of traditional cultural styles, using a range of drums, xylophone, and vocals

The Performance

“Au revoir Tshalbonto et nos ancetres.” 20 male and female dancers performed, drawing upon the traditional movements of the Baga and Susu cultural groups.

Directions to Site Location

Rue du Plateau vers le Port des Pecheurs

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