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Global Water Dances GWD 2013 Concord GWD 2013 Concord

Concord GWD 2013

Water Locale

The Concord River

The Choreographers

Jessica Muise, Intimations Dance
CreationDance, Skyloom

Audience Site

The Old Manse, Minuteman National Park

Time of day for performance

4:00 p.m.

History of site and related water issues

The Old Manse Information –
Concord River Information –

The Performance

This performance is hosted and organized by Skyloom. The afternoon includes performances by: 1. CreationDance 2. Intimations 3. Sufi Dancing (with audience members as well) 4. Skyloom 5. Procession to Old North Bridge (A short walk to the river)

Host of the performance


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