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Audience Location

The Old Manse & The Old North Bridge 269 Monument Street, Concord, MA

Date and Time

June 20, 2015 at 2:30pm

Concord river and old bridge

Water Locale

Concord River


  • Elaine Sisler (director and a member of Skyloom Sacred Dance group)
  • Jessica Muise (director of Intimations Dance Group)
  • Paula Fiore (Encore Dance Ensemble Soloist)
  • Elisabeth Osgood Campbell (Planetary Dance)

Elaine Sisler is a dancer, teacher and arts advocate is a founding member of Encore Dance Ensemble. She has performed with the Buffalo Dance Theatre Ballet Company, Estelle Dennis Dance Theatre, Peabody Conservatory and Cultural Arts Institute of Baltimore. In 2006 Elaine was awarded the “Distinguished Arts Educator in Dance Award” by the Massachusetts Alliance for Arts Education. Elaine is a long time member of Skyloom Sacred Dance group and is co-director of programs for the Sacred Dance Guild. She spearheaded the Sacred Dance Guild’s Global Outreach program and organized CultureFest 2009 and 2012.

History of Site and Related Water Issues

The Old Manse information
Concord River Information –

The Performance

On a perfect New England almost summer day, Skyloom Sacred Dance Group hosted and participated in “Global Water Dances”. We along with invited dancing friends performed on the grass within the old stone foundation ruin at the Old Manse adjacent to the Concord River.
Our program closed with all the dancers and observers processing through an orchard to a path that led to the Concord River and the Old North Bridge. There we sang and danced “Moving Mysteries” the official theme song of the Sacred Dance Guild. We ceremoniously poured water into the river blessing the water and anointing this sacred place, the birthplace of American independence. There were many smiles, hugs and teary eyes as we lingered on the bridge in friendship and appreciation for the beautiful river flowing beneath us. We left cradling our concern and commitment in our hearts as conservers and advocates for clean water for all.

Directions to the Site of Performance

The Old Manse & The Old North Bridge
269 Monument Street
Concord, MA

Local Website

Skyloom Sacred Dancers

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