2013 Performance Choreo Archive

Section III Music 2013

Section III mp3 – Listen to music and download

Section III Video 2013

Section III video-A (one group performing the entire dance)

Section III video-B (compilation of several rehearsal groups)

Section III Performance –Story of Water (for guidance)

Section III Written Score 2013

Written Score for Section III (Global Part)

Laban Motif Score for Ending Unison Phrase

Section IV Music 2013

Section IV: 4 minute clip mp3 – Listen to music and download

Section IV: full length mp3 – Listen to music and download (for a longer version, if audience section might go longer)

Section IV (Audience Participation) Video 2013 (no need to say the words)

Section IV Audience Participation Moves

Your Film 2013

Film Releases

For Choreographers and Videographers
For Performers and Interviewees

Film Formatting Guidelines

For your videographer: formatting

Live Streaming Instructions
Please contact Stephen Haislip (h@companyofh.com) in order to receive your private channel. You and Stephen must run a test together BEFORE Saturday to make sure that your livestreaming channel is working. He asks that you do this before June 12.

Media Materials 2013

1. Black and white letterhead

2. Color letterhead

3. Press release that can be changed for your city

4. Postcard template

5. Postcard image

6. Program notes

Examples from 2011

1. New York 2011 press release

2. Portland 2011 press release

3. New York postcard back

4. Minneapolis postcard back

Audience Survey 2013

Download PDF of survey

Download of DOC version for your editing

Direct link to Survey Monkey