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Water Locale

Rivard Plaza on the Riverfront of the Detroit River

The Choreographers

The following are part of Global Water Dances Coalition:
Christine Blunden of Living Arts
Christina Sears-Etter, Artistic Director of People Dancing,,

Dancers For Life, an improvisational modern dance group at Arts in Motion lead by Nancy Heers and Shirley Axon.

Audience Site

Rivard Plaza

History of site and related water issues

Detroit GWDThe site is important because it is a central site on the Detroit Riverfront and on the Riverwalk. Our dances were part of the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy Celebration on June 25 2011. The Detroit River is both an American Heritage and a Canadian Heritage River. Much of the lower part of the Detroit River is now part of the International Wildlife Refuge. Millions of dollars have been spent to dredge pollutants from the river and clean up and restore the river, although other problems are still at hand. Many native species of birds and fish are returning.

The Music

Ken Kozora,, played live music. Composer, Performer, Educator, Thinker and Doer… Ken Kozora has been exploring sound for over 35 years playing trumpet, bass, synthesizer, electronic percussion, wind synth, flutes, hand percussion and any other new noisemaker he happens to stumble upon. Ken has recorded and performed with a wide variety of local and renowned international artists, leads his own world / jazz quartet “KOZORA”, performs solo for special events and composes music for dance (People Dancing Co.) and various media.

The Performance

The performance at Rivard Plaza was part of the Detroit Riverfront Celebration.  We danced on Saturday and Sunday at 5:00 PM, as well as running participatory workshops on both days.

The three dance groups listed above performed separately before all three groups came together for the joint dance.

All three of the dance groups that performed are passionate about water issues including quality, access and sustainability.  Our resident composer/musician, multi-instrumentalist Ken Kozora works at the Ecology Center and is active in both performing arts and environmental causes in the greater Detroit area.

The Performance

Dancers and Musicians will examine, discuss, and investigate today’s water issues, as they collectively create a full length work dedicated to the surrounding water ways of their Detroit community. Here an unraveling of our delicate source and beautiful necessity is present. Movement and sound collide, drift together, and transform our awareness of our waterways so we may more wisely coexist among our natural environment.

How can I get involved?

Come support us by attending our live performance on June 15, 2013. Bring your neighbors 🙂 I’m always looking for film and photography artists willing to volunteer their time and talent to help us document our project

Directions to site of the performance

For directions, map and parking information go to Rivard Plaza is on the Riverwalk on the Detroit River and has parking at the site.

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