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Willamette River

Water Locale

Willamete River, Maury Jacobs Park

The Choreographers

Corinne Hammet, Susanna Meyer, Eugene Dance Collective

Audience Site

Willamete River, Maury Jacobs Park

Time of day for performance

4:00 p.m.

History of site and related water issues

Historically, the Whilamut (where the river ripples and runs fast) was a source of life for the Kalapuya Indians. Salmon were once abundant, where now they are stocked by hatcheries, and the river flooded flooded the fertile valley most winters.

The river and its tributaries drain off the western slopes of the mountains of the Cascade Range. The Willamette then runs north through a wide valley to Portland, where it merges into the Columbia River, and flows west into the Pacific Ocean.

Today , the Willamette is dammed and channeled, polluted by both agricultural and industrial runoff. Even so, cities downsteam draw their drinking water from our river.
Planting trees on the riverbanks and widening the riparian areas would increase habitat and decrease water temperature.

The Music

The river rapids


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