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Audience Location:

greenwood street beach facing east

Date and Time:

June 24, 2017 at 8:00pm CST

Water Locale:

Lake Michigan



Clare Tallon:
She has been working in the Evanston and broader Great Lakes communities since 2007 with the goal of raising awareness about our precious lakes.
Dances, movement based science lessons, adult learning communities and a stormwater policy initiative are the manifestations of Clare’s awakened awareness.

History of Site and Related Water Issues:

The Great Lakes are a one-time gift from the Glaciers, stewarded by humans since the retreat of the last glaciers 12000 years ago. Since the arrival of European settlers the land has been changed; polluted, wetlands drained, streams diverted and even a river reversed. Watershed has become an engineered Sewershed, a highly managed entity that nevertheless continues to be a wonderful water source to be filtered for millions and is protected by a binational Compact. Pollution continues to threaten as do invasive species. Good stewardship in a time of global freshwater crisis is crucial. We in the Great Lakes must be ready to share when the thirsty come. I hope we will be proud of excellent management so we can share abundantly.


We are dancing to a poem about the water cycle, and to a description of the water treatment process used in Evanston, and to live drums.

The Performance:

1. Water Treatment Process (6 3rd graders)
2. Water Cycle (6 teenagers)
3. Turbulence (adults/all–20ish)
4. Stomp (adults/all)
costumes: blues and oranges
facing east at sunset
candles will be lit and placed in the wet sand in the shape of a tributary flowing into the lake with our wishes for health and commitments for action.

Environmental Impact:

This event is comes days before its sister event All Hands on Deck (July 3, same beach 8:30 am) an environmental awareness building event and beach clean up. Our hope is to combine the art and activism events for a September event on International Coastal Clean Up day.

Directions to the Site of Performance:

The map

Email for more information:

How can I get involved?

email me, come early and learn a dance!

Local Website:

Other resources and links:

* Facebook account for the event

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