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‘It was as though the sea was my mother’. A performer at Falmouth, speaking of their experience.

Water Locale

Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth, Cornwall

Audience Site

On the beach


Falmouth, on the Fal Estuary, has had a long maritime history. During 1688 -1850 its harbor was used as a dock for the packing ships which shipped mail all over the world. Now it adapts to the needs of the modern shipping industry. Nearby Gyllyngvase Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Falmouth probably because of its central location and sandy shores; it is often used by surfers and kayakers especially in the summer. It is very close to Woodlane Campus so it generally frequented by students as well as the local dog-walkers.

The Choreographers

Joni Erin Brown – Artistic Director & Choreographer Christina Kyle – Project Manager Emmalena Fredriksson – Assistant Choreographer

The Music

The music was supplied by students from University College Falmouth.

The Performance

“Mesmirising”, “meditative”. Audience member
The performance took place on the beach at Falmouth. Performers included students from various art forms at Dartington as well as trained and untrained dancers from outside the college.
The performance reflected the interest of the choreographer in somatic practices (such as Body Mind Centering and Authentic Movement) in performance, and used the natural environment as stimulus for movement.

Directions to the site of the performance

Near Woodlane Campus, off Cliff Road, Falmouth


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