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Water Locale

The Choreographers

Choreographer and videographer: Colleen Culley
Singer and songwriter: Maria Gillard
Collaborator: Cadence Whittier

Audience Site

Seneca Lake State Park

History of site and related water issues

The Finger Lakes Region of Western New York State is a land that is cultivated, where farmers grow food and amateur gardeners, such as myself, grow large patches of perennial flower gardens. The glacier lakes, rich soil, rolling hills of trees, and plentiful rainfall make the land fertile for the numerous small family farms and wineries/vineyards that surround my house. The lakes are also a source of drinking water for our region and are a major site for recreation and tourism. There are many issues that impact our region–high nitrogen levels in the lakes, toxic runoff from landfills, septic runoff, access to the lakes by citizens, etc. In working with the Finger Lakes Institute (a major environmental research organization in Geneva), we focused on issues that are most important to the community of Geneva.


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