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“I was very proud in the end – they [the dancers] did a beautiful job – owning the material – and taking the whole beach in.” Stine Marcinkowski , Choreographer, Hammerfest
Hammerfest GWD

Water Locale

Norwegian Sea

Audience Site

Outer Forsoel outside Hammerfest

The Choreographers

Choreographer Stine Marcinkowski created the work in collaboration with dancer Eirihn Keüer and students from the local arts center school in Hammerfest.

The Music

Musician Marianne Halmrast / Music in Finnmark composed, arranged and played music live for the performance.

Hammerfest GWD

The Performance

Ritual Part: opening to the sky. My dancers started creating a sandcastle, then went out into the water and came up and opened themselves to the sky (giving grace) within their movement.
This began their journey in the water as they entered our imaginary water world! In this first part I had choreographed the movement material myself.
Local Part: playing in the water – using imagery, shamanic power animals and Laban’s Dimensional Scale as choreographic inspiration. This part ended with destruction of the sandcastle and dissolving of the group. In this part the dancers created the movement material with my artistic guidance.
Global Part: Bringing together the whole group of dancers (my four dance students, three “random people”, one professional dancer and myself the choreographer and also dancer).
Audience Participation Part: Dancing with the audience, first in front of them and then with them (sharing the same front towards the ocean) as a group and then closing this part standing in front of them again; ending with a shared applause.

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