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Audience Location

Hermosa Beach, 19th St lifeguard stand

Date and Time

June 20, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Hermosa Beach GWD 2015

Water Locale

Santa Monica Bay, Pacific Ocean


Waterwoman/writer/performer Elizabeth Shé grew up in Santa Monica in the bad old days, before dolphins and pelicans and stingrays returned. Now she’s back in the area after 20 years in the Pacific Northwest, where she co-choreographed 2011’s Global Water Dance in Olympia, Washington. She recently starred in the Lisa Loomer play, “Distracted,” and has performed in Seattle, Hungary, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

History of Site and Related Water Issues

We dance to celebrate the power and beauty of the Pacific Ocean, as well as the slow recovery of Santa Monica Bay. For decades pollution drained down into the Bay from the Los Angeles Basin. But thanks to the efforts of Heal the Bay, she IS healing. There is more wild marine life here now than 25 years ago. You can see dolphins, whales, pelicans, snowy plovers, royal terns, seals, sea lions, and yes, sharks. Humans surf, swim, paddleboard, row, and sail the Bay. This is paradise. But there is a danger that oil companies will drill under the Bay. They call it “oil recovery.” But if they do so, the Bay’s recovery from decades of pollution draining into it, and the Superfund site off Palos Verdes, will come to a screeching halt, and we will lose all we have gained.


Ocean and wind

The Performance:

The dance begins on shore, on the sand, and ends in the water. Intergenerational, participatory, inclusive.

Directions to the Site of Performance

Hermosa Beach Lifeguard Stand #19 at the bottom of 19th Street, west of the Strand


How can I get involved?

Dancers, musicians, and waterfolk of all abilities are welcome.

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