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Audience Location:

Beside Depuy Canal House in High Falls, NY

Date and Time:

June 24, 2017 at 2:00pm EST

Water Locale:

D&H Canal 5 Lock Walk

Depuy Canal House


Leslee Rachel Cooper has a B.F.A. in Dance with an extensive background in performance, improvisation, and choreography. Professional credits include: Choreographer of club, film, TV, circus, and site specific events for the dance company Un Passo Avanti in the 1980s (including a dance and acrobatics spectacular at the historic Spazio Zero di Roma circus tent in 1984) as well as former dancer with Kei Takei’s Moving Earth. For the past two decades, Leslee Rachel has been a volunteer community and dance activist and has facilitated and/or organized numerous public events. Leslee Rachel revels in the power of dance to connect, uplift, and enliven all people!

History of Site and Related Water Issues:

The tiny hamlet of High Falls, NY has been declared an EPA Superfund site because its ground water aquifer and residential wells were contaminated with industrial VOCs, such as trichloroethane. As a result of its designation as a hazardous waste site, little High Falls now has its own water district and is the first stop on the big water tunnel that brings water from the Ashokan reservoir all the way to NYC. High Falls is inextricably connected to NYC by water.

PROPOSED PIPELINES AND BOMB TRAINS ARE SOME OF THE VERY CURRENT WATER RISK ISSUES FOR NEW YORK STATE! The development of massive fossil fuel infrastructure projects like the Pilgrim crude oil pipelines and the AIM natural gas pipelines, and the plan to greatly expand the amount of anchorage locations that would primarily serve tankers and barges carrying unrefined domestic crude oil between Albany and export refineries to the south.

More on High Falls History:
The D& H Canal (Lock 16 in photo) was 108 miles long with 108 locks. It is a Historic Landmark. The ongoing relationship between water, human industry, and New York City is what makes the D&H Canal and the tiny hamlet of High Falls, NY legendary. D&H Canal — one of the earliest man-made industrial transport canals in the U.S. — was built in the early 19th century to INTRODUCE and deliver coal to New York City. The cheap coal barged up the D&H Canal and down the Hudson River to New York City proved to be central to the rapid development and industrialization of NYC for over 50 years.


Grandmother Etaoqua Mahicanu will lead a Water Ceremony at the beginning and she invites everyone to join in with the sacred songs and accompaniment. Bring rattles and drums if you have them. Otherwise, there will be some there to share. The High Falls Hoopers and Dancers will dance to the same music that will be used all over the world for Global Water Dance 2017. We are still looking for live drummers and musicians to add to the occasion.

The Performance:

The High Falls Hoopers for Humanity will offer their own dance with hula hoops. Hoopers and dancer will wear white and many shades of blue. We are still looking for dancers to do the third section and to lead the participation.


Environmental Impact:

Environmental groups and water protectors are invited to provide information on the work that is needed to HALT the various proposed fossil fuel projects, such as the Pilgrim pipeline and the transport of dangerous shale oils near and by the Hudson River and through residential areas via Bakken crude “bomb trains.” Although New York state has banned fracking, the oil and gas industry is working hard to move shale oil and Bakken crude, etc. all across New York state to get it to the ports to sell to China, etc. etc. New Yorkers and water protectors need to unite against the pipelines, bomb trains, and anchorage locations.

Directions to the Site of Performance:

Google map
Parking is available at the following:
Delaware and Hudson Canal Museum parking lot on Mohonk Road; High Falls Fire Department parking lot; Community Church of High Falls parking lot; the entire Municipal parking lot in front of The Last Bite, Post Office and High Falls Mercantile. Parking is allowed in front of the Post Office AFTER 12:00 PM ONLY

Email for more information:

How can I get involved?

Please help us find a videographer or come to document the event.
Please come to drum, sing or dance.
We welcome anyone to bring an additional dance, music or spoken offering to Water.
Looking for dancers to participate in the Water Ceremony and/or Section III. There will be 3 rehearsals in June.
We are looking for volunteers to be “water docents” and give out information on water related environmental issues. Put us in touch with someone who could do this if you can’t. We will provide tables and chairs.

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