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“The whole thing just exploded with energy! It was GREAT!!” Helen Gay, assistant choreographer, Michigan

Water Locale

Lake Macatawa + Lake Michigan (east coast of)

Audience Site

Tunnel Park Beach – Ottawa County


Lake Macatawa (Ottawa for “Black Lake”)is the largest natural inland bay on the east side of Lake Michigan.Consequently, it has been central in commerce and as a haven for the regions. Initially serving as the summer home for the Ottawa Indians, it was chosen by the Dutch in the early 19th century as a place to settle because of the channel connecting Lake Mac to Lake Michigan and because the land reminded them of their homeland. The region has an interesting cultural contrast as a result of the various cultures who have been drawn to the Lake for various reasons – from the conservative Dutch to the Native Americans, fisheries, and tourist industry of boaters & summer beach life. In 2009 Holland was listed as the 2nd happiest city in the USA (Galup)- and the environment was one of the critical characteristics noted as a contributing factor. The environment IS the water.

The Choreographers

M. Linda Graham
assisted by: Jillian Conner, Elena Caruthers, Michael Parmelee, Helen Gay

The Music

Stephen Jenkins and musicians

The Performance

  1. We opened with a few words from our Mayor, the Hon. Kurt Dykstra & A Blessing of the Water (Rev. Jill Russell), followed by a talk from a scientist, which provided information concerning local water issues.
  2. “Emergence, lighthouse, thirst, fresh-water dolphins and nymphs”: Dancers emerge from the water and over the top of the dune, to meet on the beach. The dancers finish the section playing in the surf.
  3. Global section:  At the conclusion of the global section, 30 local volunteers who had come early joined in for the last 2 repetitions of the concluding phrase. Their entrance was energizing, exhilarating. All concluded with the audience learning the audience participation movement, and many joined in for a final line dance doing the audience participation gestures.

We finished with a picnic for all.

How Can I Find Out More?

Contact M. Linda Graham

Directions to Site Location

Go to Holland, MI – west of Grand Rapids, MI off of 196. Tunnel Park is located on the “north” side of Lake Macatawa on Lake Shore Drive. It is listed with Ottawa County Parks.

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