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Fleets Cove Beach
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Long Island is proud of its overall water quality. Some of the best drinking water in the world! Long Islanders on the North Shore drink water that is one thousand years old! But we need to pay attention to keeping both our fresh water and sea water clean for bathing, fishing and boating on the harbors, as well as the coves of the north shore of Long Island and the Long Island Sound. Fleets Cove Beach is one on many public beaches in Huntington Township. It is one of five beaches on Centerport Harbor. During the summer months excessive levels of bacteria often force small local beaches to close after heavy rains. Runoff from the steep cliffs carry chemicals into the water from lawn care products and from numerous other sources including fecal contamination that potentially expose bathers to harmful pathogens. NYS Department of Health has requested that the Suffolk County Department of Health conduct an Intense Sanitary Survey of a selection of beaches in Centerport Harbor, Cold Spring Harbor and Huntington Harbor in 2011. Since 2009, the Harbor Water Quality Protection Committee formed by local residents and elected officials has been pushing water quality issues to the forefront of all local officials’ agenda. We will dance to celebrate our beautiful beaches and draw attention to the need to care for them.

The Choreographers

Dafna Soltes Stein CMA will choreograph: “Movement Choir by the Sea” assisted by Patti Moss Vernam.

The Music

Drummer and singer is Akiva Warton singing Water, God’s Great Love and his website is

The Performance

MOVEMENT CHOIR BY THE SEA: water ritual – water cycle and flow of the sea fish and bucket dance – playful intergenerational with adults and children, Kayaks upon the sea – synchronized movement of paddles and kayaks upon the water, Audience Participation Dance. Additional Dances to be included: Nancy Brier CMA choreographed a water dance for two of her students at CWPost University. Tara Murphy choreographed a water dance for her company “The Kali”. Roni Yaari and “Inner Spirit Dancers” performed a Middle Eastern belly dance with a focus on water and flow within us. Posey School’s Children’s Dance Co. performed a reconstruction of Doris Humphrey’s Water Studies from the 1940’s.

Other resources and links

Town Supervisor Frank Petrone and Adrienne Esposito, Director, Citizens Campaign for the Environment
Stop the Fracking:

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