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“Everybody I invited to perform, to help, to do something… were enthusiastic to collaborate, because they believed in the importance of what we were doing.” Pierluigi Grison, Choreographer, Florence

Water Locale

Tracolle Lake, Loppiano

Audience Site

Near and around Tracolle Lake


It was an abandoned lake, but alive with its own spring. Now it is full of activities, well kept, with many youth and family parties, people fishing …

Village Incisa
It is near Francesco Petrarca’s native house, a very important Italian poet. He wrote the poem “Chiare, fresche, dolci acque”, “clear, fresh, sweet waters”.
The lake is also in the territory of Loppiano, a small town – 900 people – gathering from all over the world, to learn how to build relationships between different cultures:

The Choreographers

Pierluigi Grison, Gabriel Iturraspe, Barbara Montigiani, Chiara Prina.

The Music

“Marsala” by Emanuele Chirco album “l’anno delle ciliegie”,
“pummarola black” by Spaccanapoli.

The Performance

1. Ritual: walking under an imagery wave of water. Poems reading: we have chosen some poems, of famous Italians poets, on the theme of water.
2. Local Part: the first dance made with Figline Danza School. The dance talked about the struggle for life ending tragically. The music was made by a composer from Napoli, a town in which people live in a continuous struggle.
3. Global Part: the common dance made with Energia Reggello dance school. We knew in the audience there were a lot of kids we have chosen for this dance, the youngest dancers of the school.
4. Audience Participation Part: we performed the final part all together, dancers and audience, with the movements suggested, and a walking around the lake, while three dancers performed on a boat and the actor was reading poems.

How Can I Find Out More?

Contact the choreographer, Pierluigi Grison

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