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Audience Location

Central Pond

Date and Time

June 20, 2015 at At 9:30 AM

Lagoa Santa GWD

Water Locale

The central lake of Lagoa Santa City.


Belkiss Amorim
Master in Social Management, Education and Local Development.
Specialist in Folklore and Popular Culture. Specialist Teaching Higher Education.
Specialist Pedagogy of Teaching Dance.
Dance teacher and choreographer for 32 years.

History of Site and Related Water Issues

Exists in our city one natural pond with about 8,000 years of existence. Many years ago the lake was closed to swimming, sports and fishing, because of silting that has engulfed its entire extension. The natural flora is disappearing. The little ducks that migrate here every summer, come again no more. The species of fish Leporinus reinhardti was extinguished. Species of predatory fish flora were introduced many years ago. Despite all this, the pond is visually very beautiful. Missing in our city, conscientization and education of the population for preservation and conservation of this valuable natural asset we have.


3 musics:
-Women Desires – Gallo
-Defeito 14: xiquexique – Tom Zé
-Calypso 1 – Jean Michel Jarre

The Performance

1st part: Pollution
Seven dancers dancing using movements that simulate suffocation. Throughout the choreography they wear a costume made ​​with polluting materials such as tires and plastic bags. The end of the choreography, plastic bags are scattered around the space and the audience is invited to collect the bags so that they do not fall into the pond.
2nd part: Deforestation
Five dancers carry in their hands, saws and axes. They develop rapid and vigorous movements simulating the fury to destroy a forest. At the end of the performance, come children carrying small dead animals (toy) and deliver the animals to the dancers.
3rd part: The medical Planet
Eight children ballerinas dance frightened by the appearance of Planet Earth (A doll). The planet is sick. Ballerinas examine the planet, administer medications and finally manage to revitalize the earth.

Directions to the Site of Performance

We will post on our website and on our Facebook and Espaço Belkiss Amorim.
Invite the local newspapers to register and report the event.

Email for more information

How can I get involved?

Consider participation in Global Water Dances event, an educational activity. Therefore, we intend to promote the next event in our social networks and public and private schools, inviting students and interested to participate as spectators of the event. Also we will require the support of COPASA (Institution of Water Treatment and Supply of our state). COPASA provided bottled water for all the people who attended the Global Water Dances 2013 (dancers and spectators). Also will have the support of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Lagoa Santa to give us the stereo and dissemination into your page. In the week preceding the Global Water Dances event in 2015, we plan to conduct a Soirée of Poetry with the theme “Save the Pond”, consisting of an “open” event.

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Facebook: Espaço Belkiss Amorim

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