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GWD 2013 Lagoa Santa GWD 2013 Lagoa Santa GWD 2013 Lagoa

Lagoa Santa GWD

Water Locale

Central Pond

The Choreographers

Belkiss Amorim Choreographer, researcher and Professor of Dance. Member of the International Dance Council – CID UNESCO Master in Social Management, Education and Local Development – UNA Bachelor of Arts – UFMG Graduate in Teaching in Higher Education – PUC Minas Postgraduate Certificate in Folklore and Popular Culture – Newton Paiva Specialization in Pedagogy of the Movement for the Teaching of Dance – UFMG

Audience Site

The banks of the pond

Time of day for performance

16:00 hours

History of site and related water issues

Lagoa Santa became a city because of the pond that is located in the city center. In the past its waters had medicinal properties that have been lost with the development of the city. There are historical accounts of its natural wealth, its fauna and flora. Several species of plants, animals and birds that lived here, are not longer found. And a fish species is now extinct. After all, the pond has siltation problem. Even so, the lagoon with its beauty endures bravely covering a circumference of seven


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