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Audience Location:

Apurlec, Motupe – Lambayeque

Date and Time:

June 24, 2017 at 10:00am

Water Locale:

Laguna Artificial

Laguna Artificial


Norma Fernanda Rodriguez Vasquez.
Dancer with specialty in Folklore Peruvian graduated from the National School of Folklore, integrates Interdisciplinary Collective River Dance Community and Collective CH M. He directed the Global Water Dances Lambayeque 2015.

Bailarina con especialidad en Folklore Peruano egresada de la Escuela Nacional de Folklore, integra Colectivo Interdisciplinario Río Danza Comunitaria y Colectivo CHM. Dirigio el Global Water Dances Lambayeque 2015.

History of Site and Related Water Issues:

Apurlec, is part of the old pre-Inca Cultural legacy of the department of Lambayeque, in its infrastructure there are still reservoirs where water was stored and later used to irrigate the lands Mochicas. That is to say, that according to the history the Mochicas disappeared because of a MegaNiño, phenomenon that continues lashing to the towns of Peru until the Present time; For this reason especially this year, the community has the desire to dance as a show respect for the element water. But also as a symbol of unity in the face of natural disasters.

Apurlec, es parte del antiguo legado Cultural preinca del departamento de Lambayeque, en su infraestructura aun se notan reservorios donde se almacenaba agua y posteriormente se utilizaba para regar las tierras los Mochicas. Vale decir, que según la historia los Mochicas desaparecieron a causa de un MegaNiño, fenómeno que sigue azotando a los pueblos del Perú hasta la Actualidad; por tal motivo especialmente este año, la comunidad tiene el deseo de bailar como muestra respeto al elemento agua. Pero también como símbolo de unidad frente a los desastres Naturales.


Composition musical made by Rolando Carrasco Segovia, is made for this performance and inspired by the rhythms of the north coast as the northern Marinera.

Composición músical realizada por Rolando Carrasco Segovia, está hecha para la performance e inspirada en los ritmos de la costa norte como Marinera norteña.

The Performance:

The Ritual will be preceded by people from the community.
The Local Dance will be performed by young dancers from the community
The global dance this year will be in charge of the comuneros belonging to the Community Civil Defense Committees created against the problematic of the Childhood Phenomenon.
It will be done as a symbol and awareness for the natural disasters that occurred this year. It will be carried out by the Festival del Campo (FESTICAMP), which aims to reassess the peasants and ancestral knowledge and become aware of the environment.

El Ritual estará precedido por personas de la comunidad.
La Danza Local estará realizada por jóvenes bailarines de la comunidad.
La danza global este año estará a cargo de los comuneros pertenecientes a los Comites Comunitarios de Defensa Civil creados frente a la problematica del Fenómeno del Niño.
Se realizará a manera de símbolo y toma de conciencia por los desastres naturales acontecidos este año. Estará realizado de la mano del Festival del Campo(FESTICAMP), que pretende revalorar al campesino y los saberes ancestrales y tomar conciencia del medio ambiente.

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