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Audience Location


Date and Time

June 20, 2015 at 10 AM


Water Locale



Ivana Kocova – Director of school
Hana Hedvika Zahorcova – Teacher of dance class
Libor Zeman – teacher, Architect and designer

History of Site and Related Water Issues

The river Blanice flows through a small village Lou?ovice pod Blaníkem, Blaník is the hill nex to and it is special energetic place. From legends here we know, that there are “knight” sleeping there in Blaník and they will come out to help to Czech people when it will be hard time … So this river is a part of this nature area here. And this is the part from the legend where is also a piece about Water – “When will our country in the greatest distress, be green dry oak Blanik on a spring underneath issue enough water fountain overcrowding and the water will flow to the down side. Then open the mountain, knights inside wakes up from a deep sleep, set off against enemies and defeat them in Bohemia occurs again at peace.” So we wish to dance for water to pray with dance to be with Water to help people to see and have the best conection with water …


  1. Hang Massive – Our greetings to Water
  2. Modlitba za vodu, The Prayer for Water – Hradiš?an
  3. GWD choreography part
  4. GWD part – moovements of Water
  5. Maok – Prayer, children make a mandala for Water
  6. Water rock – nature sounds of Water
  7. Oliver shanti friends – Water four circles of life
  8. Pirats from Caribic – song
  9. Storm – Vanessa Mae
  10. Moonlight Sonata
  11. Moonlight Sonata – ES Posthumus
  12. Moonlight – violin music
  13. We are free
  14. The River Is Flowing – Native American song
  15. Vltava – Bed?ich Smetana
  16. Limbora – ?echomor
  17. Running Free – Celtic music, Peter Crowley
  18. Voda živá – Aneta Langerová
  19. Voices – Vangelis
  20. Greetings to Water and to all people there …
  21. Presents to people – card with the crystal of Water, from the laboratories of Masaru Emoto – to say thank you to Join us today 🙂

The Performance

We are dancing 9 children from school. They have a story about a fairy of Water and mix of song to dance this story – “They way of our river”.
The parts of GWD choreography we will help them and we dance together or only ladies in one part.
Our story starts when the harmony is on the Earth and children and people are happy. They make nice mandala in the nature for the Water and the fairy of Water will give the carafe of clear Water. And all are in Harmony and peace. One day people start to fight and pirates are coming and then the storm arrive. People are not nice to each other and the fairy of Water will take this carafe from people … They don´t have a water are dehaydrating and tiered. Children sleeps and rest in the circle and in one moment the group of people who still feel some strangth come and they dance to help. They dance their Dance for Water to pray to ask the fairy to give the clear water back to people …
and the story continues …
in the end of this part, fairy is coming and sites with the ladies in the circle. She goes around and wake up every child and they drink water together. And all are happy and harmony is coming back. They celebrate Water and Gardian of Spring – a little girs she is waiting all the time by the Sprig and looking after a white stone of Water Fairy. She is happy with the children and all are dancing and playing together :-).

Directions to the Site of Performance

Kamberk – the fortress, tvrz


How can I get involved?

People can help us with organization, with the fabrics to colour it with blue colour and make it nice environment to have our performance. We ask people for help with video projection and we will be happy for things to make the performance nice and ideal etc … And then after performance to make nice time for people to stay together and to enjoy this the the best way.

Local Website

now we are making our school websites and becouse I have these informations only few days about GWD, so I wish to make our web for this”>now we are making our school websites and becouse I have these informations only few days about GWD, so I wish to make our web for this

Other resources and links

preparing … I will send photos later

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