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Water Locale

Pacific Ocean
Maui GWD

Audience Site

Baldwin Beach, Paia, Maui


Paia grew up around a sugar mill which opened in 1880. The sugar mill’s success attracted workers from many different cultures and races who came to work in the mill or nearby cane fields. A mix of Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean Puerto Ricans, Portuguese, and Native Hawaiian lived and worked together in harmony.
In April 1946, Paia experienced the largest tsunami in Hawaii’s recorded history, which was the result of an earthquake originating in the Aleutian Islands.
Paia has the reputation of the “Windsurf Capital of the World” and its beaches are well-loved and protected.

The Choreographers

Cadence Clare Feeley

The Performance

Cadence Clare Feeley performed on the beach on her own, celebrating and giving thanks for the beautiful surroundings.

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