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“The audience appreciated the message and our spirit of movement energy.  One said it brought tears to her eyes.” 
Eleanor Weisman, Choreographer, Meadville

Water Locale

Shady Brook Park, Meadville, PA

Audience Site

Shady Brook Park


This historic park is home to Mill Run, a local stream that begins at Tamarack Lake and continues through the city until it joins French Creek. Mill Run is hidden beneath streets and buildings throughout much of Meadville, but at Shadybrook Park it is a central feature and has played a major role in shaping the landscape.

The Choreographers

Eleanor Weisman and Amara Geffen

The Performance

Our performance was a celebration of the revitalization of the park. We started with individual crossings along a dyke that separates Rainbow Reservoir from Shady Brook Park.  The dancers then gathered at newly rebuilt stairs and entered the park together in a processional, each carrying a vessel of water.  We met at a small, newly constructed overlook of the stream and each poured our water in the running water.  We stood in stillness and followed a reading of a text to explore our personal internal fluids.  We then mirrored each other and moved into larger groups, ending in a connected stillness.

Directions to Site Location

From downtown Meadville, take Chestnut St. east to Grove St. Turn left onto Grove and go North to Walnut St. Turn right onto Walnut St. and Shady Brook Park will be on the right, just before the high school.

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