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GWD 2013 Melbourne GWD 2013 Melbourne GWD 2013 Melbourne

Melbourne GWD

Water Locale

Yarra River, The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Audience Site

“Pioneer Women’s Garden” at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Time of day for performance

22nd June 2013 / 13:00 hours

The Choreographers

Kathleen Gonzalez Villamizar Dance Performer/Teacher/ Choreographer /Artist Directo, Kathleen Gonzalez was born in Bogota – Colombia in 1984 and was introduced to dance by the Flor Pachon Ballet Company and the Ballet Tierra Colombiana. Her formal dance training began with an introduction to performing arts with an emphasis on contemporary dance at College preparatory program by ASAB Academy arts. Finishing at CENDA, she got the title of Professional Technical in Contemporary Dance, after studying and performing for 8 years. She established her own company “Hutza Mara Pianda” to which she started as a Choreographer during 4 years and was recognized for investigating the theoretical and practical elements of traditional Colombian folk dance. This experience revealed her unique style for which she won several major awards in the choreographic and research areas in Bogota, Colombia. Moreover, she has also been dancing for different dance companies exploring the genres of Ballet, Folk, Contemporary, Modern and African Contemporary as a means of self expression.

Melbourne GWD
She is currently living in Melbourne – Australia, where she was the Director and Choreographer of Tunjos y Cantaros Dance Group, part of the Colombian Community of Victoria, in addition to teaching in different studios around Melbourne including Multicultural Hub, Dancehouse, Fusion Studio, Broken Mirror and Carlton Baths Community Centre, creating her own style of a fusion between contemporary, modern and Afro-Latin dance.

Relevant Employment Experience Artistic-Director
-Managing Director and Choreographer of Tunjos y Cantaros Dance Group, part of the Colombian Community of Victoria. (August 2010- May 2013)
-Dance Performer freelance at different Art events, Festivals and Social live around Australia -Melbourne/Sydney/Adelaide- (November 2010- May 2013)
-Props/ Puppet Basic Maker. All the artistic staff design and elaboration. (August 2010-May 2013) Dance Teacher
-Teaching Dance Class at different studios Around Melbourne
-Multicultural Hub /DanceHouse/ Fusion Studio/ Broken Mirror/ Carlton Baths Community Centre- (August 2010- May 1013)

History of site and related water issues

The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne (RBG Melbourne) has been a treasured part of Melbourne’s cultural life for over 160 years. The gardens are a picturesque haven for recreation and an important resource for education, conservation, science and horticulture. Extending over 38 hectares, the gardens house an amazingly diverse collection of over 10,000 species of plants from around the world, including rare and threatened species. RBG houses the recently-completed Guilfoyle’s Volcano water reservoir. RBG is one of Victoria’s most popular tourist attractions, with a Visitor Centre, guided walks, and interpretive signs.

The Music

Global Water Dances music

The Performance

In ancestral cultures, dance is the core, a kind of sacred medicine. Dance is grounded, connected the spirit of Mother Earth. Unless you surrender to the dance you can’t hunt quietly. It is an integral part of human existence. It should be possible to translate from the traditional essence to the contemporary world. Dance is the universal language. It is our human identity, our souls in celebration. Dance is the universal cure.
“Lupuna’s tree” TICUNA LEGEND Ritual and Contemporary dance performance by Tunjos y Cantaros Dancing Group

Directions to site of the performance

Royal Botanic Gardens “Pioneer Women’s Garden” Address: Cnr Swan Street Bridge &, Alexandra Ave, Melbourne VIC 3004


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