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Audience Location:

Little Lake Park

Date and Time:

June 24, 2017 at 10:00am EDT

Water Locale:

Little Lake/Georgian Bay

Little lake beach


Rebecca Barnstaple was called back to Georgian Bay after many years of living in Montreal and the UK. With training in Dance/Movement Therapy, Somatic Education, Laban Movement Analysis, a BA in Theatre and experience in collective creation and site-specific performance, she brings a lifetime of dance experience to this project and a passion for the waters of the Bay.

History of Site and Related Water Issues:

In the spring/summer of 2009, the Georgian Bay watershed was the site of an influential peaceful protest regarding Site 41. This proposed dump site would compromise an important aquifer. Led by local First Nations women (Water Keepers) and joined by farmers, the issues raised by this site brought together the local community. Our whole region is surrounded and infused with fresh clear water, and local traditions that acknowledge and protect water. We hope to raise awareness among all people of this region as to the importance and sacredness of water, and give it our attention and love through this dance.


We have selected the song “Runaway” by Norwegian artist Aurora for the second segment of our dance. The Ritual section will be opened with a prayer and ceremony for the water.

The Performance:

Our core group is composed of young women from the girl’s group at the Georgian Bay Native Friendship Centre, who have been working on their dance over the last several months. This program has been supported by Healthy Kids Community Challenge, and Chigamik CHC. The girls are wearing traditional ribbon skirts, and will be joined by members of the local community for the third and fourth parts of the dance. We are aiming for a large intergenerational group.

Environmental Impact:

Our primary goals are to acknowledge the spiritual and sacred dimensions of water, to show how these impact our relationships with water and each other, and to bring together the communities that surround and care for our lakes. The Water Walkers, a group of indigenous women, carry an open vessel of water around the perimeter of the Great Lakes each year, as a prayer and sacred ceremony, while raising awareness about water issues. People came together to do a Water Walk around Little Lake this March, and we are dancing in the same location. By shifting our relationship with water, we change how it is viewed, understood, engaged with, and protected. By sharing knowledge, movement, and traditions, we contribute to deeper shared understandings and collective action.

Directions to the Site of Performance:

Come down to the water! We will be in Little Lake Park, near the Bandstand. Access the park from King or Yonge st. Roads and parking will be open. Look for the drummers/dancers.

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How can I get involved?

Contact me! (Rebecca)
(705) 543 9670

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