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Audience Location

Uncle Daniel’s Brook and Parker Pond

Date and Time

June 20, 2015 at 4:00 pm

Parker Pond

Water Locale

Uncle Daniel’s Brook to Parker Pond


All participants contribute both motion and sound.

History of Site and Related Water Issues

Parker Pond is a glacial lake. Uncle Daniel’s brook originates in a Cedar swamp.
Issues are roads run off, new development, faulty septic systems, motor boat oil pollution, wake erosion, introduced invasive species.


All kinds of hand held instruments carried by dancers.

The Performance

Bearnstow residents, residents of Mount Vernon and Vienna, Maine. Number c. 20.
Dance precedes down the brook and into the pond. final facing will be towards shore in sand cove.

Directions to the Site of Performance

84 Bearnstow Road, Mount Vernon, Maine 04352

Email for more information

How can I get involved?

Simply let us know. We’ll send directions.

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