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“It was a great experience for everyone. The students and the audience had a lot of fun, but were also touched by the importance of the subject […]. Most people were concerned that there could be a fight for water in the future. For inhabitants of a very water-rich area is this idea very abstract.” Tina Lizius,. Choreographer, Munich, Germany

Water Locale

Isar River, Kleinhesseloher See, Canal Systems

Audience Site

Englischer Garten, Isar banks


The Isar has always been a lifeline for the residents of Munich since the foundation of the city. Even millennia ago, the Romans used it as a trade route to transport wares from the Alps and Italy towards the Danube. In the Middle Ages the hydro mechanical power of the river was used to run water mills. Canals were built to ensure the supply of freshwater to the population of the city. Nowadays the water of the Isar is used for the generation of electricity. This caused expansive consequences for the local fauna, flora and the people. But lately, there have been attempts to bring the Isar closer back to a natural character. Today the banks of the Isar are an important recreation area for the population of Munich. Munich GWD

The Choreographers

Tina Lizius Career:

  • Chester Roberts ballett, Academy of performing arts studio munich
  • Certificate in medical dance and education (TaMed)
  • Certificate in Laban/Bartenieff Movement studies (Eurolab)
  • Movement studies at Amos Hetz (Prof. at the Rubin academy Jerusalem)
  • National certificate in creative writing, fiction, historical writing (Axel Anderson Akademie Hamburg)

She was working as:

The choreographer has been increasingly dealing with the water issue for a couple of years and embodied her attitude to this topic in her project „The last drop“, which you can take a look at on and

The Music

Drum music Water sounds Popmix: Shakira & Peter Fox Remix

The Performance 

 Wisdom shall protect and lead us. But what happens with the wisdom, if … …some have to run for water and the others have everything? How is the rope pulling going to end? Will wisdom find a solution? Two groups danced around the water. One had to run to get it, the other just danced and took it easy. From time to time the groups encountered each other and were suspicious and hostile towards each other until the conflict explodes. They fought for water and it ended in a rope-pulling battle, which remained unresolved.

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