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Date and Time:

June 24, 2017 at 15:30 CEST

Water Locale:

Moor-Villa at Freimann



Tina Lizius had classical and modern dance training. She has an internationally acknowledged Laban Bartenieff Eurolab certificate and a certificate for dance medicine from TaMed e.V. She has written and published four books for children and young adults.
Her recent publication “Lisa und Egon: Ein Nilpferd lernt tanzen” tells the story of the little hippo Egon, whose biggest wish is to dance ballet. Luckily he meets the ballet dancer Lisa, who helps him to fulfil his dream. The book is released in an English translation. The linkage of literature and dance which can be seen in “Lisa und Egon” is an important part of her artistic work.
Tina Lizius is working on many different projects which combine dance and literature and speaks at workshops on the topic. She also teaches dancing in Munich.
These are her impressions of the Global Water Dances 2017 in Munich

History of Site and Related Water Issues:

The Isar has always been a lifeline for the residents of Munich since the foundation of the city. Even millennia ago, the Romans used it as a trade route to transport wares from the Alps and Italy towards the Danube. In the Middle Ages the hydro mechanical power of the river was used to run water mills. Canals were built to ensure the supply of freshwater to the population of the city. Nowadays the water of the Isar is used for the generation of electricity. This caused expansive consequences for the local fauna, flora and the people. But lately, there have been attempts to bring the Isar closer back to a natural character. Today the banks of the Isar are an important recreation area for the population of Munich.


Drum music Water sounds

The Performance:

The rain forest
50 % of the Rain forest is still irreversible destroyed and 56 % of all Animals, living there, have already been killed. Estimated 150 animals species die out every day.
Dancing students of the ballet school Lizius face the theme rain forest with texts and a live performance they make the audience aware how sensitive and fragile the, for thousands of year existing ecosystem is, which covers just 7 % of the ice-free earth´s surface, but is home for 90% of all animal-and plant species.
They show possible ways out of the disaster, so that the rain forest can make its own rain in the future as well and protect everybody from drought, water shortage and famine.
We start the journey through the rain forest with the fire-dance, which symbolical represents the destruction of the rain forest by rapidly clearing the primeval forest giants and which explains this through the text “water and the rain forest” , which lights up the background.
To spotlight the animals we are now dancing our jungle animal dance and light up the incomparable beauty and diversity in our text “animals in the rain forest”.
The nature and the animals have only then a chance to regenerate, if the human being tries to live in harmony with the earth. This we would like to introduce with our dance “wake up”.
On the basis of many examples we try to cause a change in the minds, because everybody has a voice and has to take on the responsibility for his or her own action.

[soliloquy id=”9743″]

Environmental Impact:
The research we did for our texts on the topic of the rainforest, which were played from record on the stage and in the video, made a huge impression on us. Impressed by the knowledge how irreplaceable this biotope is for all of mankind. Not only for the climate and the water resources, but also for the preservation of the animal population. Although the rainforest covers only 7% of the ice-free surface of the earth, it is home to 90% of all animal and plant species on the planet. Thence it is incomprehensible that the global community only watches while the world’s lungs die.

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München hat ein dichtes U-Bahn und S-Bahn Netz, sodass der Ort spielend leicht gefunden werden kann.

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