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GWD 2013 Nashville GWD 2013 Nashville GWD 2013 Nashville

Water Locale

Commemoration of the May 2010 Nashville floods: the Cumberland River and the Harpeth River

The Choreographers

Mary Swafford Stone

Audience Site

Anchor in the Storm, West Park, at 11:00 a.m., and other locations in the 6 p.m. performance

Time of day for performance

After the 11:00 a.m. Anchor in the Storm Watermark dedication.
2nd location:
At 6:00 pm, later in the day on June 15, 2013, we commemorated the May 2010 flood on the Shelby Bridge in downtow, Nashville. We walked to the Ghost Ballet and danced on the East Bank Greenway (next to the Titans parking lot). Then we danced around the Cumberland Park & water area.
Drums, songs, poems were welcomed. For the choral movement, all participated in dancing a few simple movements.
All were invited to join as we danced for safe, clean water & sanitation on June 15, 2013 in Nashville at 2 locations.

History of site and related water issues

The Cumberland River and the Harpeth River were flooded in May 2010 due to 13 inches of rain in one day creating millions of damage to Nashville and all of Middle Tennessee. During the flood, a massive crevasse in a 500 foot limestone wall re-channeled 700 billion gallons of flood waters safely away from homes and into the Rogers Group Limestone Quarry.
Ties between the West Park neighborhood and the Rogers Group Limestone Quarry nearby are commemorated by this art piece, Anchor in the Storm by Betty and Lee Benson.
The artists say, “Our work seeks to draw attention to the relationship between the West Park community and the quarry that are now inextricably linked to one another. The quarry played a lifesaving role in the event. We see the raft as a place where people can gather, sit and build community.”
Artwork: kiln dried wood, limestone boulder (quarried from Rogers Group, Inc. REO Stone Limestone Quarry) and anchor chain; 4’ h x 7’ w

The Music

The late Millie Judd Swafford plus others

The Performance

FREE EVENTS at two locations (see above)
Local Choreography & Music for Part I & II
Global Choreography & Music for Part III & IV
Duration: 30 Min to one hour of dancing

Directions to site of the performance

Other resources and links
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