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GWD 2013 New Plymouth

Water Locale

Huatoki River and Tasman Sea

The Choreographers

Connor Kelly

Audience Site

Rock Quarry behind prison and walk down to the sea on the walkway

History of site and related water issues

Rocks were cut for the prison so the natural environment has been altered, and all the rivers run from Mt Taranaki through dairy farms that ruin soil absorption into the water, therefore
causing damage to the rivers.

The Performance

Simple improv structure with buckets, so that we can take that water to the sea that accumulates in the buckets. I used “Wade into the Water” as the music for moving down to the sea for the final community dance.

Directions to site of the performance

Either enter the Huatoki Walkway at the Mill road entrance or Carrington Road entrance or walk up the walkway from the Mill parking lot or lower Carrington Road. You can not miss the quarry.


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